Newsletter del 22 aprile 2015
Direttore Editoriale: Gian Paolo Andreoletti, MD
High saturated fat intake and breast cancer / Dieta ricca in grassi saturi e rischio di carcinoma mammario
Increased risk of developing breast cancer from high saturated fat intake - Sabina Sieri Unità Operativa di Epidemiologia, Istituto Nazionale Tumori, Milan, Italy - "In our study we found that there was an increased risk of developing breast cancer from high saturated fat intake, suggesting saturated fat involvement in the etiology of breast cancer"
rassegna stampa
Evidenza clinica del linfoma associato a protesi mammaria
Late seroma is a relatively common presentation of breast implant–associated anaplastic large-cell lymphoma
Importanza della RMN nella diagnosi del carcinoma mammario familiare
MRI allows early detection of familial breast cancer regardless of patient age, breast density, or risk status
Screening annuale in donne con mutazioni BRCA1 o predisposizione familiare al tumore al seno
Annual screening with MRI and mammography improves metastasis free survival in women with BRCA1 mutation or familial predisposition
Rapporto neutrofili/linfociti e prognosi del carcinoma mammario triplo-negativo
Higher pre-treatment neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio is correlated with poor survival in triple negative breast cancer
Diabete e carcinoma mammario
Diabetes may predispose to more aggressive breast cancer
Chemioterapia di prima linea del carcinoma mammario metastatico triplo-negativo
Cisplatin plus gemcitabine could be the preferred first-line chemotherapy strategy for patients with metastatic triple-negative breast cancer
Fumo di sigaretta e prognosi del carcinoma mammario
Present and past smoking history associated with worse survival in female breast cancer patients
Uso di integratori per stimolare il trofismo muscolare e tumori testicolari
Muscle-building supplement use is associated with increased risk of testicular germ cell cancer …
Terapia con statine e rischio di epatocarcinoma
Statin use is linked to a reduced risk of liver cancer, particularly among persons with liver disease and diabetes
Acidi grassi Omega-3 e carcinoma prostatico
Omega-3 fatty acids inhibit growth factor signaling in human prostate cancer cells
RMN e screening del carcinoma pancreatico
Ability of MRI to identify potential precancerous or early cancers in individuals at risk for pancreatic cancer
Efficacia della chemioterapia intraperitoneale nel carcinoma ovarico avanzato
The advantage of intraperitoneal over intravenous chemotherapy in advanced ovarian cancer extends beyond 10 years
16th Milan Breast Cancer Conference
3rd International Michelangelo Conference
"11th Meet the Professor"
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