Newsletter del 18 febbraio 2015
Direttore Editoriale: Gian Paolo Andreoletti, MD
Radioterapia nelle donne con DCIS della mammella
"Radiotherapy for women with a DCIS" - Fredrik Warnberg, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden. "Today in Sweden, according to our national guidelines we do not give radiotherapy to women with a DCIS, grade 1 or 2, smaller than 15mm. We know that we can reduce the number of local recurrences even in this group but the absolute benefit is very low and we think the disadvantage is larger than the gain"
rassegna stampa
Rischio di fratture dopo terapia adiuvante ormonale in donne con neoplasia mammaria
Fracture rates in the first years after hormonal therapy for breast cancer are 12% and 15% for pre- and postmenopausal women respectively
Esposizione al fumo del marito e rischio di tumore mammario
Exposure to smoke from husband is a potential risk factor for breast cancer
Trastuzumab intratecale e metastasi cerebrali di carcinoma mammario
Intrathecal trastuzumab halts progression of central nervous system metastases in breast cancer
Fumo e rischio di tumore mammario
Smoking for several years before first childbirth increases the risk of breast cancer
Sieropositività per HPV16 e tumori anali
HPV16 seropositivity is relatively common before diagnosis of anal cancer
Radioterapia adiuvante nel carcinoma vulvare
Adjuvant radiotherapy associated with improved prognosis in node-positive patients with vulvar cancer
Terapia ormonale sostitutiva in menopausa e rischio di carcinoma ovarico
Menopausal hormone use is associated with increased risk of ovarian cancer
Obesità infantile e rischio di carcinoma esofageo
Individuals with higher childhood BMI are at elevated risk of oesophageal adenocarcinoma later in life
Uso combinato di Ca19-9 e Ca125 per la diagnosi precoce del carcinoma pancreatico
Combining CA19-9 and CA125 improves sensitivity for early detection of pancreatic cancer
16th Milan Breast Cancer Conference
3rd International Michelangelo Conference
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