Newsletter del 26 giugno 2015
Direttore Editoriale: Gian Paolo Andreoletti, MD
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Wine consumption and colorectal cancer risk / Consumo di vino e rischio di carcinoma colorettale
Moderate wine consumption is associated with a reduced colorectal cancer risk in populations with greater adherence to a Mediterranean diet
Legumes and cancer prevention / Legumi e prevenzione oncologica
Legumes have anticancer activity in early stages of carcinogenesis. In countries with a high intake of legumes, the incidence of colorectal cancer is lower.
Aspirin and breast cancer
Aspirin blocks growth of breast tumor cells and tumor-initiating cells
Avocado and acute myeloid leukemia / Avocado e leucemia mieloide acuta
Avocatin B, a lipid derived from avocado fruit, has cytotoxic activity in acute myeloid leukemia
Hot beverage and food intake and esophageal cancer / Consumo di bevande o cibi caldi e carcinoma esofageo
Hot beverage and food consumption is associated with increased risk of esophageal cancer
16th Milan Breast Cancer Conference
3rd International Michelangelo Conference
"11th Meet the Professor"
Expo Milano 2015
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